Setting up Your Kit

Step 1

Activate your account

Your Registration Code is located in the “Step 1” envelope included in the kit. Go to and use this code to activate your new account.

If you have an issue with your email address or registration code please contact support at

Step 4

Set up HDTV Antenna

Click here If you want to order the free HD Antenna that is available with your kit.  Once you receive it follow these instructions to properly set it up

Order Antenna

Once you receive your antenna, follow these instructions to properly set it up.

Locate the coaxial input on your TV (this is the same input your old cable box or VCR may have used). Plug your antenna into the coaxial input, and tighten the ring to secure it.

Attach your antenna to a nearby wall, or preferably window (high places are more likely to receive clearer signals).

Lastly, navigate to your TV’s setting and scan for channels. Allow time for a full scan.

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